[GUIDE] Advanced Contact Center - Users Config

[GUIDE] Advanced Contact Center - Users Config

We’ve added a new feature for our Advanced Contact Center Reporting Wallboard. All these features are designed to control permissions and user access.

Call Center Reporting Only for oxygen users

We’ve added a new access type for oxygen users. If you choose Call Center Reporting Only, when the user Logs in oxygen he will be sent directly to the Advanced Contact Center Reporting Wallboard.



Users Config

We’ve also added a user’s config menu that allows Supervisors to select which queues will be visible for a Wallboard User.


  1. Simply log in to wallboard as a supervisor and select the Users Config Menu.


  1. Once in Users Config select a User and choose what queues he may monitor.



  1. Save once you’ve chosen all queues.


  1. Now when the user Logs in he will only see the Allowed queues and the agents that belong to those queues.



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