[GUIDE] Adding a phonebook file, phonebook.XML for Grandstream Phones

[GUIDE] Adding a phonebook file, phonebook.XML for Grandstream Phones

Grandstream Phones have the possibility to add a phonebook.XML file. For this feature please consider the Following:

  • nexogy will not setup a web server so the phones can access the XML file, this is responsibility of the customer.
  • The url provided by the customer,can be a local IP in the same network as the phones are ( or a public URL that the phones can access externally (http://domain.com/directory/phonebook.xml)
  • nexogy cannot maintain any updates or changes in the XML if the company's roster changes, this will be done by the customer.

For an Example of the XML file access here.

Download the file and Each Line represents a record for the Phone book so add as many as you need.

Then just replace the values for:

for each record.

After the file is ready upload it to your server and provide the appropriate url for nexogy to setup the respective parameters each phone must then be power cycled in order to get the new configuration.

You need to know if the feature is available for your device, not all Grandstream devices support this feature.

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